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In our families, our special little angels have always made their debuts as the first born through the generations. And, one thing is for sure, every one of our daughters arrived with an essence that melted our hearts at first sight. 

You know that heart tingling feeling we speak of....when you hold your princess for the first time!  Whether you're a mom, an aunt, trusted guardian, grandparent or revered godmother; you already have big dreams for her.  You have ideas for the type of young lady you want her to become! You take great care to embrace her unique essence and mold her interest and style into one that is naturally classic and strength infused.

It's assisting with that organic elegance and unique style of your little girl, that gets us excited and proud to be a part of outfitting her in classic dresses that create memories!

Our dresses are selected and designed to refine her taste in styling when the occasion warrants it, and allow her to have fun in refreshing modish looks that enhance her charm.   

At Curtsy & Bows, we want to make sure our online boutique is a regular shop spot, providing you with collections that keep up with your angel's social calendar, and her desire to dress up in elegnant style.

Thank you for Shopping Curtsy & Bows!

Many Blessings,

The Curtsy & Bows Team